SHUFFF's production costs and revenue share model

The more you sell the less you pay!

Each item you sell will be charged by its fixed production cost (see chart below), as well as a revenue share from your retail price. The revenue you share with SHUFFF will be 30%-5% based on your monthly sales volume.

For example:
If you sell 100 items over a month, SHUFFF's revenue share (on top of production cost) will be 17.8% of your revenue (the retail price minus production cost). If you sell 500 items monthly, SHUFFF's share will be 11.6% of your revenue.

Here it is, give it a try: 


Here's the fixed production cost chart:

Scarf sizeFabric typeProduction cost
88x88cmPremium Cotton-Silk Blend14.5$
65x65cmPremium Cotton-Silk Blend12$
42x42cmPremium Cotton-Silk Blend6.5$
65x200cmPremium Cotton-Silk Blend18.5$
120x120cmPremium Cotton-Silk Blend21$
88x88cm100% Silk Habotai17.5$
65x65cm100% Silk Habotai14$
65x200cm100% Silk Habotai22$
120x120cm100% Silk Habotai23.5$