The following sections will provide you with a quick glance into our work - what SHUFFF+ is all about- what we've accomplished so far, and what the future holds for us.   

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SHUFFF's value proposition and investment opportunity deck

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Clients from all around the world are using SHUFFF to increase their revenues and creative opportunities while reducing risks

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Our vision

We'd like to share with you our vision of the on-demand fashion manufacturing industry, based on industry 4.0 technology, our F.MOD platform, and a digital, global fashion manufacturing community

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One Pager

SHUFFF's value proposition and investment opportunity one-pager

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Factories' Story

Here you will find our take on "what's in it for the factories", and why our model creates a win-win situation for all players

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Further reading

Here you can find links to articles and professional reading about SHUFFF-related topics, such as industry 4.0, on demand manufacturing, digital fashion, online retail etc.

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business model and working plan

Our proven business model is demonstrated in the bellow link, including 5 year projections and a working plan .

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The F.MOD Platform

We use state-of-the-art technology to enable the Fashion-Manufacturing-On-Demand model. Here is a glance into what we do and into our technological vision