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The State of Fashion 2017 Business of Fashion -McKinsey Report

The State of Fashion 2018 Business of Fashion -McKinsey Report

How Small Will Beat Big and Save the Fashion Industry The critical problem for fashion designers is that the cost creation is too high and the time to capture value is too short.

Supply Chain of The Future


Spencer Fung from Li&Fung group on the Future of supply-chain In the past, when retailers thought of supply chain, they mostly wanted to optimize costs. Nowadays, they want to optimize the supply chain with focus on speed and innovation.

Is the Old Sourcing Model Dead? Low-cost labour country sourcing continues to dominate fashion manufacturing but a move toward digitisation and automation is shifting the entire paradigm.

new era for chinese fashion production manufacturers Technology and automation are now contributing to China’s ability to remain price competitive. They are mitigating cost increases by doing things smarter and better.

Industry 4.0 and Fashion


How Automation Is Reshaping Fashion There is a particularly high value where time-to-market is important. You’ll potentially see manufacturing footprints change.

Technology Is Eating Fashion Fashion companies that don't embrace technology are sitting ducks just waiting to be picked off by sharp-shooting software companies, argues Marc C. Close.

Sustainability Credibility


Fashion Needs an Open-Source Sustainability Solution Fashion brands are treating sustainability with new seriousness, but only an open source approach will move the entire industry forward.

The Cost of Dead Inventory: Retail’s Dirty Little Secret Among the many problems facing today's retail market, unsold stock might be one of its biggest handicaps, argues Haley Smith Recer.