+ What is SHUFFF+ ?

SHUFFF+ is an innovative fashion-technology startup. We developed a unique textile and fashion supply chain, established on an on-demand drop shipping model. In practice, all items are manufactured only after their online purchase. They are then packaged with the relevant logo and branding and drop-shipped directly to the end customers’ doorstep. This type of supply chain serves designers and online boutiques that prefer small batch manufacturing rather than mass produce. The logistics and shipping management aspects are handled by SHUFFF+, making your life easier, and allowing you to concentrate on your brand's identity and marketing.

+ Where and how does SHUFFF+ manufacture?

Following a thorough inspection of the global digital-textile manufacturing industry, we've handpicked few factories that offer the highest quality products and use the best fabrics and goods, while maintaining an efficient and well-organized production chain with meticulous quality control procedures. All are highly professional and are committed to the on-demand model. We've personally visited and approved each factory we collaborate with.

+ What is the minimum quantity of items per order?

Here's the beauty of it: a designer isn't obligated to any minimum quantity order.

+ I'm a designer. How do I join SHUFFF+ program?

We gladly welcome new collaborations. Please sign up to create your own SHUFFF+ account. Once you have an account, you have access to drop-ship and production pricing and will be able to set up your own collections and products, get samples, and customize your branded packaging. We will guide you through the process. You can also contact us at for further information.

+ Do I retain all rights to my designs?

Of course. We are merely a high-end production house that gives you on-demand manufacturing services and packages your products.

+ Who is exposed to my designs through this service?

Your designs and artwork are uploaded to your own account on SHUFFF. Only SHUFFF’s admin and the relevant personas at the factory are exposed to your designs. Other users And designers which use the service does not have any access to your designs through SHUFFF’s platform.

No way! We only access your design print files in order to make the product when an item featuring your designs is ordered either by yourself, or a customer from your store. SHUFFF+ does retain the right to photograph any product we make for promotional graphics on our site or in mail outs. However, if you are unhappy with a photograph on our site, please contact us at and we can possibly remove the photo.

+ What payment options do you have?

We accept payment with Paypal or credit cards. We use Worldpay to handle credit cards so that your credit card information is never stored on our servers.

+ What is the payment model?

The SHUFFF service is based on a shared revenue model. Its calculation is composed of two parts: Fixed production costs (price table can be found below) A percentage of the item's retail price (excluding delivery costs) Costs range between 10% (for any quantity higher than 51 items per month), 20% (for 21-50 items per month), and 30% (for 1-20 items per month). Here's the best part: you only pay AFTER an item's purchase.

+ Are there any additional collaboration options with SHUFFF+?

Yes, SHUFFF+ offers two unique collaboration types: Manufacturing limited stocks for events, fairs and brick & mortars in a regular production & import model. Contact us for further details and quotes. Limited to 50 items or more per design. Capsule collection on the SHUFFF website: SHUFFF+ is launching special capsule scarves collections by designers from all over the world. These collections can serve as a great FREE selling point for your brand! It can also refer new traffic and potential customers to your online store. And who doesn’t love free marketing?


+ Production/Delivery Time?

Our service operates 24/7, receives and processes orders from all over the globe. Our manufacturing resources work Mondays to Saturdays and are closed on weekends and national holidays. The garments will be manufactured within 4-7 business days from the moment the purchase is submitted on the SHUFFF platform. The delivery is placed by SHUFFF and drop-shipped directly to the end customer’s address. We work with leading global shipping companies, use the best and most cost-effective service for each destination worldwide, and can even ship express to most countries. Orders may be subject to customs fees. SHUFFF+ does not cover these expenses and doesn't take responsibility for customs delays. All production and shipping times are calculated in business days.

+ About our shipping service

Our service includes Drop-Shipping directly to the end user's address. We work with leading global shipping companies and use the best and most cost-effective service for each destination. We can even ship express to most countries upon request. Once an order has been shipped, it's under the care of the courier and/or postal service. Having said that, we're always happy to do everything in our power to mediate between your end and the postal system to track and release orders. Orders may be subject to customs fees or duties of the customer country. SHUFFF+ does not cover these expenses and doesn't take responsibility for customs delays. All production and shipping times are calculated in business days Express orders will be provided with a tracking number, which will be sent to both you and the customer.

+ Who is responsible for customs fees?

The end-user is ultimately responsible for any custom charges or taxes (if applied). SHUFFF+ is not responsible for reimbursing these costs.

+ Returns

When we fulfill a drop ship order, we are providing our customer (that’s you!) with a product shipped directly to your client. We ask that you handle customer service with your end-user as much as possible. If your end user has an issue with the product they receive, when you contact us to resolve it, please follow this process:

  1. Request detailed photos from your customer to illustrate the problem.
  2. Please evaluate if the issue falls into our allowable range of variations. See below at “Reactive Printing Specifics”
  3. If the issue is beyond the allowable variations, please email us at and include the order number and pictures provided by your end user.
  4. We will evaluate the issues and may require more information. We will respond within 2 business days of receiving your email. All issues will be evaluated on a case by case basis based on the information provided.
  5. We may request the product to be returned. If this occurs, the refund or replacement cannot be sent until we receive back the first product. SHUFFF+ is not responsible for the shipping cost of returned products.

+ Refunds

Custom printed orders are non-refundable. If there is an issue with an order we will be happy to work together to find a solution. Items are not returnable due to sizing issues. Since all garments are printed and made-to-order, we cannot replace/remake a garment that was not ordered in the correct size. In order to resolve cases, we must be contacted within a reasonable amount of time from the product shipping date. For any issue regarding an order, we must be contacted within 10 business days of the ship date or we may not be able to help resolve the issue. If there is an error with an order or if there are any changes you wish to make after your order has been placed, we require that you contact us within 8hrs of the order being placed or by the following business day if the order was placed over the weekend. In an effort to reduce the impact of returned products, SHUFFF+ reserves the right to donate or recycle any returned or undelivered items as deemed appropriate in its sole discretion. When contacting us with an issue, please be sure to include photos for our reference. All returns are handled on a case by case basis. In most cases, SHUFFF+ does not cover the shipping cost of a returned item. Returns must be received within 30 days.

+ What is the setup process?

To create your first collection via SHUFFF+, you first need to follow few steps so we can all make sure your product is fantastic, just as you planned. The setup process includes: receiving SHUFFF’s kit with fabric samples and color chart, producing a sample test of your design, defining your packaging preferences and uploading the item to both your online store and SHUFFF’s portal. Please enter the setup page here here, to access our step-by-step guidelines.

+ Can I receive fabrics samples?

Yes! Following your registration, you will have the option to order a kit of fabric samples and a color chart printed on them, as well as some general instructions and tips.

+ Can I print my own colour chart?

During the setup process, you can order our pre-made color chart printed on fabric. Once you're interested in testing a different color scheme, we suggest that you create a color chart to fit a mini-test swatch of 20/20 cm and send your fabric of choice to print at the mini-test stage. Please keep in mind that even though we do our best to produce consistent colors, prints may differ from one another for various reasons.

+ What are the graphic specs for my print designs?

Please read our graphic requirements page for detailed graphic specs information and professional guidelines.

+ Packaging - how would my brand’s name show on the package?

Each item is packaged in your own brand’s package with your logo and visual identity.
SHUFFF provides a variety of packaging solutions, with a labeled sticker/logo print we produce for you upon your submission. You can see our packaging prototypes here.

+ Fabrics

Our luxurious, AA grade Silks and Silk Blends are amongst the highest quality fabrics in the market and are ideal for digital print. We make sure that our customers receive exceptional prints vibrancy, drape and handle.

+ What is the type of digital print used in the on-demand supply chain?

To receive the best color and print quality, We focus on ink types which bond with fabrics' fibers and offer the best results. We work with natural materials (silk, cotton, modal) and use large format digital printers. Reactive dye digital printing is one of the most high-end digital printing technologies. It can print on anything, be it the plant-based matters like linen or any other material. This printing technology uses extensive light and rub agility compared to other fabric printing technologies available to make the fabric perfect for apparel and other products.

+ Can I iron printed silk?

Yes. Our printed silk can be ironed with or without a pressing cloth. Please make sure that your iron is clean and will not stain the fabric. Note that pressing your fabric at over 350 degrees will cause a yellowing of the print. You can read more care instructions here.


+ Will the colors of the final print perfectly match my design?

Almost never. The color outcome of your printed design may slightly differ from your original one due to differences in monitor colors, printing range or gamut of the printers, color setting, and fabric. Though consistency and providing an accurate translation of your artwork are important to us, variations in color may still occur and are beyond our control. As part of the product development process, we encourage you to purchase either a sample case or test swatch of fabric before going ahead with your designs. Testing your graphics and colors on the actual material is a very important step, that'll help you to refine your design files to fit the fabric and color characteristics, so you can reach the best outcome.

+ Why does variations in colour occur?

The inks and printers have a specific range of colors they can produce, known as the color gamut. Some colors outside of that range cannot be produced. If your design includes such colors, the prints may differ from your original draft. When the printer detects an out of gamut color, it prints the closest tone to it. Screen settings and spaces may also affect the final outcome. We highly encourage all designers to perform a mini-test to test their designs.

+ Will the colors of my printed fabric fade? What are the washing instructions for printed silk?

The digital reactive dye inks are very sustainable. The silk fabrics, however, are gentle and need to be hand washed only. Don't launder the garment through the use of washing machine/ dryer/ detergents that contain chemicals. Scarves: don't wring the water out. Instead, lay them flat on a bath towel and let the water evaporate.

+ One of my products is flawed. What do I do next?

Once you notice a flaw, kindly contact us and include pictures to illustrate the problem. We work with all customers on a case by case basis. Please note that some small imperfections, though not ideal, are admissible, including tiny dust dots, and some ink left on the selvage of the fabric (not affecting the print). Please note that silk might be affected and flawed during its manufacturing process, including slubs or runs in the silk and an off-white base color. If the defect is minor and does not affect the overall look of the printed fabric or silk scarf, our quality control will approve it.