On-Demand manufacturing services for fashion boutiques & designers. Fast and reliable drop-shipping directly to your customers


How does it work?

You Design garments and collections

Design your unique prototypes and offer them to your customers on your online shop. Create a virtual inventory - you do not need to acquire any stock in advance! The Items you place in your existing on-line shop is linked to our orders system.

We manufacture immediately - On Demand

The item will be manufactured automatically right after it was purchased by a customer on your website. We enable existing textile factories to add unique orders alongside existing bulk production to enable one-offs at the same unit cost as mass production.

We drop-ship directly to your customers

We pack the garments with your logo & identity and ship them directly to your customer’s door step, taking care of all logistics and shipping aspects.

No more over-stocks and under-stocks

You produce exactly what you sell - giving your customers more variety and choice, while supporting an eco-friendly supply-chain

Our technology facilitates the process of on-demand-manufacturing and exploits its full potential by treating designs as a digital content that can be shared, customised, ranked and finally sold in a revenue share model.

Why SHUFFF+ Is Exactly What You Need ?


Better Cash-Flow

Pay us only after you get payed by your clients. Small business friendly - with no minimum quantities and no monthly or other fees.


No inventory

No more over-stocks and under-stocks - you produce exactly what you sell, giving your customers more variety and choice, while supporting an eco-friendly supply-chain.


Boutique Quality

We collaborate with high-end manufacturers and makers, supporting complex production processes, large variety of fabrics and materials, and a high standard quality assurance.


your own branded packaging

We pack and ship your products with your own branded label and logo, in a highly designed package suiting your brand style and identity.


NEW Creative opportunities

Have more time to focus on your creativity, marketing and brand development, Collaborate with retailers and other designers and create new experiences for your clients.


super fast production global shipping

2-3 days for production
 & Shipping world wide.

We are a powerful and multidisciplinary team based in Tel-Aviv and operating globally, with great technological skills, experience in the design and fashion field and a wide understanding of global manufacturing needs and capabilities.

David Ben Meir


experienced product manager, passionate about building great innovative companies, ex-8200.


Viki Almog-Ayzenberg


an expert in global online sales and marketing operations, specialized in China's eCommerce market.


Nissim Hania


full stack developer, an entrepreneur and a strategic consultant for hi-tech companies and a few fast-growing startups.


Nirit Binyamini

CREative Director

a multi-disciplinary designer and a faculty member of Shenkar (Israel’s most prestigious schools of fashion and design).


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